At Knights Beauty, your online beauty and barber supply, we strive to offer our customers superior products to enhance their overall beauty routine. We are proud to offer Àsanté hair care products because they focus on nurturing your hair from the root down.  Give your hair and skin the love and attention it deserves with our Àsanté Natural Hair Oil. This luxurious blend of conditioners and emollients create the perfect concoction that your skin and hair will love. Àsanté oil features vitamin E while having a light and non-greasy consistency to offer your hair and skin a rejuvenating experience.

We are proud to partner with many different brands that are respected and known in the beauty industry. Whether you are looking to purchase our Àsanté Natural Hair Oil or our Crown 360 brushes, we have many different product lines that work with every hair type. Contact us today at (215) 224-5833 to learn more about our cosmetology supply and professional pricing.

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